Member Testimonials

Looking to see what our member experience is like, look at these messages received during our annual member satisfaction survey:

“My coordinator works very hard to make sure we are always on the same page and working together towards the same goals.  He is one of the best people I have ever met.  I am so thankful for him and all that he does.”

“My coordinator shows knowledge of my medical conditions and suggests prompt solutions. They are the key link (central connector) with my PCP, Specialists and insurance.  I feel well understood at a linguistic, emotional and cultural plane.”

“We communicate and are able to come to a shared view of my needs and plan to address them.  She helps me advocate for myself when needed, and she helps me in departments I struggle in.  She has helped me be able to be more independent and proactive.  She has helped me a lot with self-care and self-esteem.”

“My coordinator has delivered tangible results both in medical equipment and in housing accommodation.  I suffer from two serious and disabling chronic diseases, and through his professional efforts, my life quality has dramatically improved.”  

“I am writing to you to acknowledge and express gratitude to the work of my care coordinator, who is part of the team effort and who takes care of my medical needs with the required seriousness and effectiveness. He has delivered tangible results both in medical equipment and housing accommodation. I suffer from two serious and disabling chronic diseases, and through the professional efforts of my care coordinator, my life quality has dramatically improved to better endure my ailments. Therefore, I just wanted to attest that the care offered by your company has been exceedingly honored by my care coordinator.”

A Graduating Member’s Parent’s Testimonial

“CCP’s care coordinator began providing care for my daughter last November.  Diagnosed with clinical levels of depression and anxiety in childhood, her behavioral health concerns are exacerbated by celiac and Addison’s disease.  She had been on a downward spiral for over 2 years–since March 2020, when she abruptly had to be moved out of her college dorm just weeks before completing her degree program.  She moved back home, confined herself to her bed, and ate infrequently.  Her condition deteriorated over the next 2 years to the point that I was at a loss as to what to do next.

And then her care coordinator entered her life.  As her condition continued to deteriorate–culminating in a 3 week admission to an inpatient hospital in January and February of this year—her care coordinator was always available with next steps.  She promptly responded to each of my daughter’s various and complex concerns.  When I had to travel for work in June, her care coordinator helped me put together a written emergency care plan that I posted on the back of her bedroom door, including a list of 24-hour services available to my daughter.  Our care coordinator also contacted my daughter regularly in my absence, continuing to encourage her progress and reassuring her that she could take care of herself while I was away and unavailable.  It was her care coordinator who suggested that an automated medication dispenser would support my daughter’s compliance with taking her prescribed medications, and when she was feeling better, it was her care coordinator who sat with her, talked her through job opportunities and made suggestions based on job searches that the care coordinator initiated.  

My daughter is now working at an art gallery on Newbury Street.  She looks forward to going in to work; she has begun to pay her own bills; she is taking care of herself, and tending to her appearance.  My daughter’s younger sister has remarked that this is the best she has been in her life–and I agree.

My family will always remember CCP’s care coordinator and the care she provided us at a time when we could no longer see options to help my daughter.  Community Care Partners is lucky to have a Care Coordinator like the one who helped my daughter, and I am luckier to have had her help during this past trying year.   My daughter’s care coordinator thought she was caring for my daughter, but all this time she was taking care of me too.  Our care coordinator has changed our lives forever and for the better.”