Community Care Partners serves Members across the eastern region of Massachusetts within the BH and LTSS CP programs. With four Affiliated Partners, our geography is expansive, serving communities in the northern areas of Lawrence and Lowell through Boston and Brockton, and in the south including Fall River and Cape Cod communities. Our wide-reaching service area promotes partnerships with 14 ACOs and their primary care practices. And with two of our Affiliated Partners serving ACCS recipients of DMH, our Care Teams partner closely with ACCS Teams in the northern, southern, and greater Boston regions.

Please use this interactive map as a tool to determine if you or someone you would like to refer to the program lives in a town covered by Community Care Partners.

Do not see your town listed? Then please use MassHealth’s Community Partner website to find services in your area.


Unfortunately, CCP & LTSS Care Partners do not offer CP services in this location. Please reference the MassHealth website to learn which CP Provider serves this location.


CCP offers BH CP services in this location.

LTSS Care Partners offers LTSS CP services in this location.

We offer both BH and LTSS CP services in this location.

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